9 day Paragliding course

The 9-day paragliding course will give you the skills and confidence to fly safely.

You will learn to be a safe confident pilot on this course. We will set you up with a  solid foundation. Then you can paraglide and continue to grow your flying skills and experiences and adventures for many years.

Oz Paragliding and Hang gliding doesn’t just hand out licenses. We will train you to be the best pilot you can be. Lisa Bradley and her highly experienced team will look after you in a safe environment. We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality service to our students. Lisa is very passionate about paragliding and teaching and passing on her skills and knowledge to her students.

What to expect:

This course consists of 9 days of intensive training. Expect to devote a minimum of 5  hours per lesson day to complete this course, including 15+ hours of classroom, 10+hours of workbook time. The PG2 license is internationally recognized.

The first 5+ days is about working on your ground training and low flight skills. The next 3 to 4 days is about preparing for high flight and initiating them. You will be put through the PG2 SAFA syllabus. Once you have achieved this you can be examined and tested for your SAFA PG2. Please note that everyone learns at different speeds, you may need to book in for extra training to achieve the SAFA license. 

Please email for an info pack and prices

Day one, two and three: On the first morning you will learn about your paragliding equipment, how to clip into the glider and to inflating and run with the glider. This is called ground training.  You will ground train on gentle slopes close to the ground in the morning. In the afternoon you can look forward to solo flights from our training slopes and you will start to get weightless steps in as your technique gets better.. Then you’re ready for the big training hill for the next 4 days.

Day two, three and four: The next days usually consist of solo flying from our private training hill. Your instructors will guide you through every stage of your course. We will progress you at your own pace.

Rest of the course: (PG2) Successive days consist of multiple flights from launch sites suitable to the weather on the day. Expect about 20 flights, focusing initially on take-off and landing skills. Once these skills are acquired, we move on to high flights. There you will be put through the practical SAFA requirements.

Theory: Combined with the flying, elements of theory will be taught. We conduct the theory lessons in a natural environment, discussing things as they occur, on the hill or in the landing paddock. There is also a necessary element of classroom theory. If you have the opportunity we recommend some pre-course reading. “The Art of Paragliding” by Dennis Pagen is a particularly useful book.

*If you have Dyslexia or are illiterate, your instructor can help you through the Exams and theory at your discretion.

We prefer you to do this course in a block of 9 days, as students generally learn easier this way, however, if you have a problem getting the time off work you can split the course into stages or do it on your weekends or days off. 


9 days / Allow: 5-7 hours a day

Please email for an info pack and prices