WHO are we?

Oz Paragliding and Hang gliding is an expression of Lisa Bradley’s passion to share her love of flying with her students.  

With 20 years’ experience flying paragliders and hang gliders Lisa is the only qualified Chief Flying Instructor in Australia and New Zealand for both disciplines. In 2001 Lisa founded her first flight school – Extreme Air in Queenstown, New Zealand followed more recently by Oz Paragliding and Hang gliding close to the Gold Coast in south-eastern Queensland Australia.

Lisa has personally trained and mentored her team of flying instructors who like her, are dedicated to giving students an exceptional flight training experience.

Why Join Us?

Our pilot graduates often describe their training at Oz Paragliding & Hang gliding as a ‘once in a lifetime’ peak experience. We never tire of seeing their broad smiles and expressions of wonder after their first solo high flight – where its just you, the glider and a lot of sky. We balance our mandatory focus on safety and good procedure with an insane amount of fun!  Our relationships with our students evolve over training, and they join many of our pilot graduates to become part of our ‘flying family’.

what we do

Lisa and her experienced team of paragliding and hang gliding instructors and pilots offer a wide range of free flight experience – from discovery tandems and introductory flying courses to full SAFA approved certified pilot courses in paragliding and hang gliding – one of the few Australian schools to do so in both. 

Our school utilises hill launching, winch and ultralight towing to optimise your flying days. This gives students an opportunity to also get a towing endorsement.

We welcome certified pilots to join our school to improve their flying skills.


Our operations are based at the Oz Sky Ranch flight park in the hinterland west of the Gold Coast – it’s just a little under an hour’s drive from Brisbane airport. Our site is only 15 minutes’ drive the nearest towns of Canungra or Beaudesert. Our purpose-built teaching facility is comprised of on-site student accommodation, lodgings and classrooms are within a short walking distance to our training hills and towing operations.  

When ready students graduate to nearby Mt Tamborine and Beechmont for their graduation high flights. 


Oz Paragliding and Hang gliding strives to exceed the students’ expectations with personalised attention, empathy, safety, teaching and practical experience bundled in a heap of fun. An experience many describe as life-changing. 

We bring together and train top instructors from all over the world. Lisa’s is continuously innovating her teaching strategies and equipment to be the best in Australia. At Canungra Sky Sports we offer the best service, education, gear and facilities available in Australia. Feel secure and fly with the best.

We bring together and train top instructors from all over the world. Lisa’s is continuously innovating her teaching strategies and equipment to be the best in Australia. At Canungra Sky Sports we offer the best service, education, gear and facilities available in Australia. Feel secure and fly with the best.

nomad mediagrapher

Paragliding is one of my bucket lists. At first, I was nervous about learning to fly. But Lisa makes me confidence about flying alone. I really highly recommend Canungra sky sports school. You will never regret that.


Would highly recommend this paragliding school to anybody Hi standard of excellence and teaching abilities was outstanding.


Lisa Bradley is the most patient and calm instructor around. The only female hang glider and paragliding instructor in Australia.

Meet the crew

Our experienced instructors and team offer you a professional and innovative approach to Paragliding and hang gliding. We are dedicated to make your flying experience one of the best. We pride ourselves in providing a safe and easy introduction to flying. We will take you on a journey you’ll never forget and fulfill your dreams of unpowered flight.

Lisa Bradley

Owner & Chief Flight Instructor 

Lisa Bradley has been flying since she was 21, first on a paraglider, then hang gliding and skydiving and now ultralights. For several years Lisa flew paragliding and hang gliding competitions around the world and enjoyed many great sites and countries.

She has been a commercial paragliding tandem pilot and a paragliding instructor since 2001 and a hang gliding instructor since 2006. Lisa has worked with international instructors to develop the best, safest and most successful teaching methods, using her own developments matching with the high NZHGPA and SAFA standards.

Lisa is the only female instructor that can teach both paragliding and hang gliding and offer tandem flights in New Zealand and Australia. She is the only New Zealand instructor to achieve the highest instructor rating in Australia, Chief Flight Instructor of Sports Aviation Federation of Australia.

Lisa has gained many skills over the years and was trained to be an outdoor instructor at rock climbing, kayaking, youth at risk instructor, team building instructor, gym instructor and recently qualified as a yoga instructor.

Lisa has also represented New Zealand at the Worlds in hang gliding, downhill mountain biking and cross country mountain biking. She strives to be the best at what she does.

Has also competed in the famous Coast to Coast New Zealand multi-sport race three times, it takes dedication, commitment and a lot of heart to compete in this race.

Due to this experience and education, Lisa has much to offer this great sport. Lisa is a passionate instructor and pilot, You only need to meet Lisa to know this, or ask any of her students.


  • Hang gliding for over 20 years and Paragliding going on 22 years
  • NZHGPA (CFI) Instructor, PG, PPG
  • NZHGPA (CFI) Instructor, HG
  • NZHGPA Safety Officer (Aorangi)
  • NZHGPA Paragliding Tandem Pilot 
  • NZHGPA Paragliding Instructor
  • NZHGPA Hang gliding Tandem Pilot
  • NZHGPA Hang gliding Instructor
  • SAFA Hang gliding Flight Instructor (FI)
  • SAFA Paragliding Flight Instructor (FI)
  • SAFA Paragliding Chief Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • SAFA Hang gliding Chief Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • SAFA Paragliding (FEI) Paragliding
  • SAFA Hang gliding (FEI) Hang gliding
  • SAFA Hang gliding Saftey Officer (Canungra) 
  • SAFA Paragliding Safety Officer (Manilla)
  • Duaringa Flying Club (SSO) Hang gliding
  • Duaringa Flying Club (SSO) Paragliding
  • Canungra Hang gliding Club (SO) Paragliding
  • Canungra Hang gliding Club (SO) Hang gliding
  • APPI Paragliding Master Instructor
  • 2013 New Zealand Hang gliding team pilot at the Worlds in  Forbes, Australia
  • RAA Pilot
  • Yoga Instructor

Kirsten Paton

Tandem support crew and team helper

Hello my name is Kirsten! I love to fly, and I am a newly signed off novice HG pilot! I cannot wait for the opportunity to help out and get involved with everyone else flying!

Steve McCarthy

Dragonfly pilot (Tug pilot)

Tows the tandem hang gliders up

Tim Harpur  (Smiley)

Team helper /
Paragliding pilot /
Hang gliding Pilot

Dan Benn

Paragliding NZHGPA instructor / Speed flyer

Viv Clements

Hang Gliding Competition Pilot /
FEI Hang Gliding Tandem Pilot /
AFI Hang Gliding Instructor /
Canungra Hang Gliding Club Safety Officer /
New Zealand Hang Gliding Team pilot at the 2019 Worlds

Walt Nielsen

Canungra Hang gliding Club President /
HGFA Hang gliding EFI instructor /
Canungra hang gliding club safety officer /
Hang Gliding AFI Instructor /
Hang gliding Pilot

Maureen (Lisa’s Mum)

Mum holds the farm stay together and keeps Lisa’s Dad in check. Maureen also runs the office and helps with emails.

Peter  (Lisa’s Dad)

Dad is the groundskeeper at the Sky Ranch. Peter will always make you feel welcome at the Ranch.


Love to fly! Want to make it your career? We are looking for both experienced and willing to become full-time, seasonal, part-time and casual instructors where:

  • Your knowledge and expertise will be respected
  • You will be fairly compensated for your time and enthusiasm, and
  • You will be part of a team in a rapidly growing business.

Ideally we are looking for people who:

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to safety
  • Adhere 100% to policies, procedures and processes
  • Have superior customer service skills
  • Show excellent flying, theory and technical skills, and
  • Work comfortably in a female-owned business.


Interested? Contact us below