We offer hang gliding and paragliding tandem flights on the Gold Coast hinterland of Australia


No Experience Necessary!

Now is the time! Live the dream! Ticket it off your buckit list! Come fly with us and experience for yourself the freedom of a tandem flight with an experienced SAFA Instructor. Let us show you why thousands of people have enjoyed hang gliding and paragliding. See the world from a bird’s eye view.

At Oz Paragliding and Hang gliding, we offer you the instructional tandem experience of a lifetime, for many people a dream come true.  

Picture yourself gracefully gliding above the scenic mountains of the Gold Coast hinterland, feeling a light breeze on your face whilst you and your instructor soar over the beautiful mountains.

No experience is necessary, your Instructor will show you how to fly and control the glider. You will be exposed to the basics of gliding and get to learn firsthand what it takes to become a pilot.

Oz Paragliding and Hang gliding is approved by the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia.

We operate out of the Oz Sky Ranch which is the only approved Hang gliding paragliding aero tow flight park in Australia.

We will make your dreams come true!

Hang gliding Tandem

We are based in Australia in the lovely hinterland of the Gold Coast at the Oz Sky Ranch an hour’s drive from Brisbane.

Soar like an eagle and see the world from a birds eye view. Fly with a certified SAFA hang gliding tandem instructor. In our team we have the only female tandem hang gliding pilot in the Southern hemisphere.

We operate all-year-round.  All tandem hang gliding flights are towed to altitude by a specially designed ultralight aircraft. It is the best way to get in the sky with the highest level of safety, it is cutting edge technology.

We are the only company in Queensland, Australia to offer this. We can also take you higher and keep you up for longer than any company in Australia. You get towed to 2500ft.

Must be at least 10 years old. Weight 120kg max. Flight time 15-20 min. We offer inflight video and photos, just ask your pilot. 

Paragliding Tandem

Experience a tandem paragliding flight and fly like a bird over the Gold Coast Hinterland near Brisbane.

Picture yourself gracefully gliding above Mount Tamborine or the beautiful Beechmont mountains.

The scenic flights are a unique life experience. Passengers will never forget flying above the Gold Coast hinterland.

All it takes is a few steps and you are airborne, sitting comfortably in your chair style harness, enjoying the world from a birds eye view. Your SAFA tandem instructor will guide and teach you how to fly.

Your flight will be conducted from Mount Tamborine or  Beechmont, depending on the winds.

Our team is very experienced, We also have the only female paragliding tandem instructor in Australia on our team.

Must be at least 10 years old. Weight 85kg max. Flight time 5min – 8min.


No Experience Necessary!

What you need to know

We only fly when weather conditions are right. 

Paragliding tandems meet on take-off or at the landing zone.

Hang gliding tandems all meet at the Oz Sky Ranch.

We do have weight and minimum age limits.

You will have to sign a waiver.

Please email for an info pack and prices