Advanced Courses


Hang gliding and Paragliding are sports where you never stop learning. There is always something new to help make you a better safer pilot.

We want to advance your skills in a safe environment and offer you the best-advanced teaching that we can offer. That is why the Oz Sky Ranch is the best place to do it. Oz Paragliding & Hang gliding is very privileged to be the only school to operate at the Oz Sky Ranch, the only approved aero tow flight park in Queensland. It is set on 600 acres of land, what more can you ask for? We also have on-site student accommodation.

Courses we offer: Hang gliding aerotowing,  Hang gliding ground towing courses – Paragliding ground towing – Hill launching course – Paragliding PG2, PG3, PG4, PG5 – Paragliding XC – Hang gliding XC – Inland flying – Coast flying – Hang gliding tandem training – Paragliding tandem training – Paragliding teacher training – Hang gliding teacher training.

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Paragliding PG3 & PG4 Ratings

The PG 3 and PG4 course is here to help you achieve your goal of becoming a better safer. This is for the person that is time poor or just wants to be looked after and maybe is not ready to leave the school. Or you just want to get to your PG3 or PG4 faster. You only fly for a week or two a year.

Your instructor will help you in any aspect of your flying, take-offs, landings, ridge soaring, thermal flying. You just need to let us know and we are there to help.

What you need: Glider – Harness and reserve – Radio – helmet – Full member of SAFA

Allow: 5 hours per day (you are charged by the day)

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Hang gliding & Paragliding ground tow endorsement

The ground tow course is run over three days. All theory and exams for tow endorsement will be covered three days + 10 tows.

What to expect: The ground tow endorsement will be run over 3 days at the Oz Sky Ranch in Canungra. There will be an element of theory to start with. Then we move into practical – Cover SAFA requirements – SAFA exam 10 x tows, extra tows will be an extra fee.

What you need: SAFA membership – Your own glider and harness  – Tow bridal and weak link line – hook knife – helmet

All participants must have read through the ground tow section of the SAFA Towing Manual. Towing Manual available at SAFA website – Documents – Manuals & syllabus.

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The aero tow course is run over three days. You must have 30+ hours of flying or be able to demonstrate that you have the skills to attend this course. This is not a course for beginners.

You will be towed by a specially designed ultralight tow plane called the dragonfly. This course is available to pilots who already hold SAFA intermediate or higher license.

In this course, you will gain the skills to aero tow safely and to achieve the HGFA towing endorsement.

What to expect: 3-day course – 10 x Tows – Theory – SAFA Exam -Extra tows will cost more

What you need: Member of the SAFA. You must have your own glider and tow bridal. You will need to bring a floater to do your first four tows, before moving onto a high-performance glider. *We do high out floaters by the day.

Low hour pilots option:  If you have under 30 hours, we recommend doing our 10 pack tandem tow package.



This clinic will give you the skills and training to be able to teach the SAFA and NZHGPA standards. This course does not give or pass you as a SAFA and NZHGPA instructor. You will need to get examined and pass all the criteria and exams in that organization.

What to expect: This clinic will set you up with the skills and knowledge to be a good safe instructor.  The first 10 days are based on the development of your flying skills and theory. You will need to pass all the SAFA and NZHGPA exams and show you have the skills to be an instructor.

You will be given handouts on theory, Teaching skills, Dealing with students, Learning difficulties, Structuring the class and day.

Practical: You into groups, where you will be given a topic to teach.

Workplace practical: You will have to do 10 days of practical training in the school.

The outcome of the course: To be able to teach the student to the SAFA and NZHGPA standards in the theory and practical aspects. This course will give you the skills to be taken on as an apprentice instructor.

Allow: 3 week course. 21 days of training.

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What to expect: The tandem clinic will set you up with the skills and knowledge you need to fly a tandem paraglider or hang glider safely – How to keep you and your passenger safe – Passenger briefing and safety talk – Safety things to be aware of. Be put through the SAFA and NZHGPA tandem pilot recreational exams and practical. 

Clinic: 5 days

What you Need:  Be an Advanced pilot with advanced skills – Owen your own tandem glider and kit and be in airworthy flying condition – Solo glider –  SAFA full member

This clinic is designed to give you the skills to fly tandem. If you do not have the skills or the right safe attitude, we have the right to not pass you. We do not hand out licenses, you need to earn it. When Oz Paragliding and Hang gliding sign you off to fly tandem you know your at a high standard.

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Please email for an info pack and prices